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Recent studies have shown that the success rate for a sleep apnea treatment is directly related to the coaching given: the more closely patients are followed by specialists, the greater their chances of succeeding in their therapy. AMI is an interactive tool unique to Biron that complements the work of our health professionals to ensure you a successful diagnosis and treatment.


The health benefits are proportional to how closely you follow your therapy. With AMI, you are never alone. It offers you a wide range of tools to help build your motivation and keep you motivated. It includes testimonials, a chat room, a discussion forum, and even a progress recognition and reward system. AMI makes it easier to stay motivated, and this can only improve your overall health!


Whether it’s a question of a sleep apnea diagnosis or treatment, we firmly believe that a well-informed person will progress with confidence at any stage of therapy. AMI includes simple instruction programs in the form of videos, articles and documents. The documents are all carefully selected for their relevance to your situation, depending on the test you are doing, the equipment you are using and your state of health.